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Perfumery Elements

Rose - Henri Alméras - Joy Jean Patou

Perfumery Elements

Explore below the essential perfumery elements that makes our craft. Beginning with the ingredients from their natural origins through the process of acquiring the essences. Then meet the grand artist perfumers that blended these items as their focal point into their inspired creations formulating their fragrance masterpieces.  We will be adding more every month!


Rose Petals - Collected from the harvest and ready for extract of their precious oil.  It take 4 metric tons of petals to yield one kilo of Rose Oil.  The queen of florals, it constitutes the main accord in Henri's Joy!

White Florals - James Bell - Tatiana DVF

Perfumery Elements


White Floral (Jasmin, Gardenia, Tuberose) - With exquisite elegance and distinctive character the blossoms of these perfume ingredients are born to blend together and enhance each others attributes. Push the floral element one way or the other has been the subject of many fragrance works.  With Tatiana, James pushed the Tuberose to a delicate balance and brought together masterfully the perfect accords.

Sandalwood - Jean Paul Guerlain - Samsara

Perfumery Elements


Sandalwood Album - a gift from the gods!  Its wood and oil are cherished in many Eastern cultures and coveted by many. It takes 20 years to grow and mature a tree before its oil can be harvested.  "Maybe", that is what inspired Jean Paul to develop the iconic Samsara of Guerlain originally with over 20 percent of the precious oil

Aldehydes - Sophia Grojsman - White Linen Estee Lauder

Perfumery Elements


Aldehydes -  Found in nature in many varietals from fruit peels to leafy vegetation. Exuding freshness and a sense of clean, they are used frequently in perfumery to make a fragrance "come alive". It is with this in mind that Sophia was inspired to blend one of her greats, White Linen

Cocoa (Chocolate) - Olivier Cresp - Angel Thierry Mugler

Perfumery Elements


Cocoa (Chocolate) - The ultimate delicacy! Personified by Cocoa Bean and enriched with sweetness. It's incorporation into a wearable fragrance was made possible thru brilliant perfumery and breaking the mold with Olivier's work of art Angel.

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