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Covid-19 Response and Action


During this national emergency, we want to first wish all our members, their families, and loved ones the best possible outcome through this difficult time.  To all, we ask you to follow all the guidelines to keep yourself safe and avoid large groups and gatherings.


As Americans and welcomed colleagues and visitors whether you are Individuals who are feeling symptoms or not you should follow the CDC Coronavirus Guidelines for America as accessible through this link


These guidelines will enable us to overcome this threat to humanity as quickly as possible and ensure that we can resume our lives in the way we chose.  Freedom is a precious individual right, which includes looking out for your fellow individuals.  Joining together to destroy this unseen enemy is something we must all do together.  Regardless of the various reports of death rates and how it may affect you, even one person dying from this disease is one too many.  In addition to local government guidelines we are all in this together, so if we stay committed, follow these guidelines completely, we will get through this pandemic and return to our "normal lives” 


Currently, all American Society of Perfumer meetings and gatherings are canceled until further notice.  In light of the financial burden that may occur in all our members' lives our current dues payment due date will be extended to now October 1 and no late fee administered.  Board meetings depending on the length of this viral attack will be held by conference call and the like. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone this year's World Perfumery Congress in Miami, meant to convene in June 2000 until May 2022. We hope to destroy this enemy to our way of life as immediately as possible and with all of us joining together, but oddly staying apart we will win this battle.


We are here for you if you need us!       201-500-6101


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Our best wishes to all! 


Christopher Diienno                                            Vincent Kuczinski

Chairman                                                           President