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Joining the Society 

Perfumery - Passion - Perseverance 

Becoming a Member, it is up to you, if you have the three "P's" it requires. More related to becoming a perfumer than a member, because once you achieve the position of perfumer, membership is easy.  These can go hand in hand and help one another whereas becoming an Apprentice is about learning perfumery and what it takes to achieve it.  (See more on Apprenticeship below.) A blend of science and emotion, these two disciplines have opposite polar effects, but when an equilibrium is achieved between the two, it is magic!

The first "P" is perfumery itself, knowing it, wanting it, being part of it, studying it, there is no getting around it!  People know your "smell" and how you can smell, once you have it your half way there!  Perfumery requires long hours of studying fragrant materials and memorizing their every nuance.  Once achieved it is time to bring them together in accords of equal balance and beauty. A beauty that is unseen and sensed, because smelling is the sensing of beauty around you!  Attaining a sense of beauty is the key, not just the beauty you sense, but the beauty that others sense!  It is imperative in every aspect of perfumery.

This simply means you have to have the second "P", Passion.  Passion in whatever you do is a blessing in life, but in perfumery it is a mandatory requirement. How you express that and how you show that is all about who you are as a person, as a scientist, as an artist and then as a Perfumer.  How far will you go to get that perfect balance.  Where will you seek out your next inspiration.  When will you release the creative being restrained inside you and can you show it to achieve the perfect scent.  Dealing with your passion is likely the most important revelation you will ever have in regard to your creativity and inspiration.  Perfumery and Passion are fused and cannot be separated.  That is why it is a journey to get there and a progression of will, because others will doubt your' passion.

That is where the third "P" come in, Perseverance, a colloquial term not often used in today's society, but imperative to your success as a perfumer.  Even after you become a perfumer this trait as it be, will drive you through the difficult critiques and lead you to the perfect fragrance formula.  Many have faltered in this regard and given up on their passion and thereon left perfumery or never achieved it.  You must persevere to achieve the title of perfumer and from there become a member of the American Society of Perfumers.

Best wishes on achieving your passion!

Christopher DiIenno
Chairman ASP

Vincent Kuczinski
President ASP

Look below and see some Perfumers who have persevered to achieve the position of Perfumer and Membership!  Then contact us below with your interest.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and look forward to meeting you!

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Membership Types

Full Member - for established Perfumers who have a record of successful fragrance acumen in the fragrance industry with a minimum of 10 years experience.

Apprentice Member - for perfumer in training currently under the mentorship of a sponsoring Member Perfumer of the Society.  The apprenticeship period last for five years and upon completion results in full membership status.  You must be working under the tutelage of your sponsor for the entire five year period or acquire new sponsor seamlessly within that time period.  Inquiry below for complete details.

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