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American Society of Perfumers

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The American Society of Perfumers, Inc. (ASP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1947. Our current membership is approximately three hundred professional perfumers, all based in the U.S.


At the ASP, our primary goal is to uphold the high standards of professional perfumery in the U.S. while representing our members internationally. By supporting our members through apprenticeships and networking events, we ensure the continuation of the traditions of classical perfumery.


We host annual meetings and sponsor events in order to promote public engagement with the fragrance industry in the U.S. 


Our active role in the World Perfumery Congress, a bi-annual international networking and educational event, connects the ASP’s members and our ideas with the global fragrance community.

ASP 28th Annual Golf Classic

August 7th | Colonia NJ

2024 World Perfumery Congress

June | Geneva Switzerland


The ASP Perfumer

Our membership represents a diverse array of professional perfumers. With varying backgrounds and interests, we share a commitment and commonality of skills that brings us together. Having spent years experimenting with thousands of raw materials including essential oils, aromatic chemicals, natural isolates, gums, and resins, our professional perfumer-members have developed a unique and highly specialized craft that combines art and science to deliver a fragrance that’s ready to use in any application.


Due to our working knowledge of the regulatory issues that impact our industry, our members formulate safe and compliant fragrances for all applications to meet global demands. Through years of laborious training and dedication and commitment to craftsmanship, our perfumers are accomplished professionals in one or more specialized perfumery categories: personal careair carehousehold, or fine fragrance (click on category for more info.) ASP members touch nearly every consumer in the U.S. through our fragrance creations. You will find the fruits of our labor in the scented products you use every day, from fine fragrance to shampoo to laundry detergent.

Dedicated     Diverse     Professional

Fine Fragrance

the high code of perfumery ethics established by our organization maintains respect for perfumery as an artistic work of the mind.

Personal Care

our mission is to Educate, Support and Promote Perfumers in the fragrance industry both domestically and abroad.


we help to insure appropriate regulatory guidelines and standards set for safe and beautiful fragrances.

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