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Apprentice Application

Apprentice Update

Please describe in descending order, starting with your present position.
Please describe in descending order, starting with your present position.
I                                                                     certify the above information is correct and true.

Application must be submitted with the following:

  1. Application fee of $50.00, payable to American Society of Perfumers. Application fee will be refunded if application is not accepted.

  2. ​​A passport size photo of applicant.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  3. A biography of applicant, detailing accomplishments, training, schooling, interests, etc.

  4. ​A paragraph describing the reasons the applicant wants to become a member, and what he or she ​​​​​​would like to accomplish with the Society if accepted

  5. A completed Active Member Endorsement or Sponsor (for Apprentices) Form.

Note: Applications are voted on by the Membership once a year, in une.  Deadline for applications is May 1st. Only completed applications, received with all requirements will be considered. Applications will be verified by the Membership Committee, and recommendations will be made to the Board of Directors.

Membership Endorsement

I hereby endorse the applicant, _______________________________________, as a qualified and accomplished

Perfumer who has established a commensurate body of work in the profession and art of perfumery. In my

opinion this applicant exhibits all the talent and ability necessary to be a member of the American Society of


Membership Committee use only:

This form used for Established Perfumers for Full Membership ONLY

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